Choosing a table is always a challenge

You want a change and need something modern and nice looking in your living-room, try our new stylish tables!! Several models are available, from industrial tables to a small retro coffee table, we offer you plenty of choices according to your personal taste and budget. Have a look and get ready to be nicely surprised.

Wood, always a good choice

A wooden table is and will be always trendy. Using different kinds of wood, playing with colors and termination, our table will remind you your childhood or your grandfather’s house but with a touch of modernism. Protected with varnish or natural, with metallic corners or design plastic feet, our tables have a great look. Acacia, walnut, teak wood or even ebony, our designers love to create using renowned type of wood.

A coffee table not only for coffee

Living room furniture

Round coffee table, square coffee table or industrial coffee table, we always need a small table. It can be for the coffee time, breakfast, children homework, a support for the laptop or the remote control, you will see that our new concepts will delight you. Mostly small and tidy, with several shapes and surprises (one of our tables hide a puff), you will find what you are looking for.

More and more industrial tables concepts

Using rustic furniture, mixing steel and raw wood, playing with only one material (like the copper table) or adding wheels to create a kind of charcoal wagon railway; the industry touch is getting more visible in the products but always with elegance. Nice looking products can be versatile and located in several places. For example, considering small industrial dining table, if you place six of them together, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your living-room.